The Incredible Week: WWDC’18 🎉

San Jose McEnery Convention Center (Taken by me)
Omar and me

Hello all! I’ll share my WWDC’18 (dub-dub) experiences in that post! That post includes details about (travel, meeting with other scholars and attendees, food, popular travel apps in CA, sessions, labs, the bash and submission process)

When I got to the gate of the plane, the boarding process started and I was taken on plane by the last checks. I was really excited to see San Francisco and attend to WWDC!

I left the airport by taking the general procedures and performing the checks.

I went from San Francisco to San Jose with Uber application and settled in San Jose State University’s dormitory.

San Jose State University

First day: I took my stuffs by giving my ID to Apple’s check-in desk in San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

  • Scholarship Badge
  • WWDC 2018 Jacket
  • Pins (turkey flag was the best!)
  • AirPods

After that I spent time with completely networking and sessions.

and other sessions > Click here

Summary: Technically, Apple has made a number of contributions to the Swift language, and these milestones are passed on to developers through these sessions.

Note: You should definitely follow the sessions associated with the design, many tricks and details are shared.

I met lots of incredible stories and tech guys! Apple Engineers was in everywhere and you feel as free as you can.

Recommendations for foods

As you know, There are lots of burger house around the California’s every part.

When I arrived to San Jose, we went to In-N-Out Burger with Omar Albeik

It was really affordable and very tasty!

It was tasty but a bit expensive. If I had a chance to select one, I would select to In-N-Out Burger. But give a try!

These slices were really delicious!

I will not be able to comment much except for these options, but Apple’s donuts and juices were great! 🍩🥤

Popular travel apps in CA

for short travels:

Uber and Lyft are good options for you. Don’t hesisate to use them in CA.

for fun:

Bird’s scooters

Bird and Lime are really enjoyable options! We went to Convention Center by using Bird with Omar Albeik in first day!

Ford GoBike is the option to get a bike. Give a try too.

Summary: You can use them if you wanna move into the CA.

Discovery Meadow

Panic! At the Disco was on stage and it was a great concert!

Click here

Submission Process

To be honest, I only spent one day to create the playground application for the WWDC submission.

I developed the game which uses SpriteKit, UIKit and AVFoundation.

Especially, I focused on the following when writing code;

  • Protocol Oriented Programming
  • Extensions
  • Closures
  • Clear code-base

Apart from that, I talked about the work I did in the essay section and what I wanted to do in the future by talking about the details.

The last hours of conference!

End Of The Story

iOS Engineer |  WWDC’18 Scholar